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Astrid the Astronaut

A chapter book series that follows plucky 8-year-old Astrid, whose plan is to become the first hard-of-hearing astronaut one day. For now, though, she has her sights set on a trip to Space Camp! Fueled by friendship, inclusion, and STEM, and with an emphasis on thinking creatively, this series will appeal to fans of the Questioneers, Ada Lace, El Deafo, and the American Girl Luciana series.

#1: The Astronomically Grand Plan

Aladdin / Simon & Schuster
Astrid the Astronaut final hi res.jpg

In this first book of a brand new-chapter book series, a young girl is determined to be the first astronaut with hearing aids in space!

Astrid can’t wait for the school year to start so she can put her Astronomically Grand Plan into action! She and her best friend, Hallie, are going to be in their first year of Shooting Stars, a club dedicated to all things space. Astrid’s big sister has told her all about it, and this year, there is a big, wonderful prize: a trip to a real-life space camp!

But Astrid’s Grand Plan isn’t off to a great start: it turns out Hallie is more interested in the art club, Petite Picassos! And Astrid isn’t sure that her goal of exploring space will happen the same way without her BFF by her side. Can Astrid figure out a way to complete her mission?

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#2: The Unlucky Launch

Aladdin / Simon & Schuster

In this second book, aspiring astronaut Astrid designs a rocket!

After seeing the big Space-E rocket launch, Astrid just knows she’s going to be exploring space in a rocket of her own someday! And in honor of the big launch, Astrid and her fellow Shooting Stars will be building rockets of their very own. What’s more exciting is the guest helper, Lana, who actually worked on the Space-E team!

The Shooting Stars are working towards more points on the Astro Board and Astrid is hoping she can impress Lana enough to score a tour of Space-E headquarters. But it turns out that Lana’s design might not be the best—and Astrid isn’t sure if she should speak up. Can Astrid use her voice to show there is more than one solution for a perfect take-off?

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#3: Hydroponic Hijinks

Aladdin / Simon & Schuster
Astrid 3 final art.jpg

In this third book in the Astrid the Astronaut chapter book series, Astrid is torn between her best friend and arch-rival!

The Shooting Stars and Petite Picasso groups are working together on a combined STEM and art project—which means BFFs Astrid and Hallie finally get to team up! But Astrid’s excitement doesn’t last long when they are grouped with her arch-nemesis: Pearl. And what’s worse, Hallie actually agrees with some of the ideas Pearl has for the project. Isn’t she supposed to be on Astrid’s side?

Can Astrid, Hallie, and Pearl learn how to work together and create a project that’s out of this world?

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#4: Robot Rebellion

Aladdin / Simon & Schuster
Astrid 4 final hi res.jpg

When Astrid and the rest of the Shooting Stars find out that their teacher, Ms. Ruiz, is about to celebrate a big birthday, they band together to create the perfect gift. Her big day happens to be the same as the upcoming robotics competition and they decide to do something there. With the help of Astrid’s big sister, Stella, they program their robot to do a fun dance and give Ms. Ruiz a sweet surprise.

But on the day of the competition, the data for the Shooting Stars robot somehow gets mixed up with another one! Will their fun present end up being a major malfunction?

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